If you’re looking for an online data storage solution for your backups, VaultLogix’s online backup is more than just backup offsite data storage – it’s a total backup and storage solution for your critical data. Our secure remote online data protection service really shines when you need to restore.

Try before you buy! If you value your business data, we think you’ll agree that our offsite data storage service is an awesome value. We protect data across the United States and abroad. Since 1996, we’ve done literally millions of successful backups and restores.

With prices starting at $20/month, our remote online data storage solution is an affordable solution for even the smallest business. And technical support for our secure remote backup data storage solution is free! Our technicians are experts in backing up and restoring data on the supported operating systems: Windows, Novell, Redhat Linut, AIX, and Solaris. We also have special agents for backing up Exchange and SQL.

The 14-day FREE trial offers a no-obligation way to try out our remote online data storage service. If you are interested, contact us by email at sales@vaultlogix.com or call Sales at 1.877.828.5856, and one of our account managers will set it up for you. The installation and configuration only take a few minutes – you can be protecting your data with our secure remote backup data storage solution tonight!

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