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What is Business Class Online Backup?

Healthcare providers serious about protecting patient data need a business class cloud storage provider. Don’t wait until a major data loss or breach to discover your backup provider cannot protect and restore your data.

How do you know you’re choosing a business-class online backup provider?

  • Fast backups – unrestricted Internet pipe to ensure quick, efficient backups for all clients.
  • Security is an essential component of every facet of service delivery.
    Read more about the security controls and infrastructure that VaultLogix has in place.
  • Multi-tiered monitoring and reporting.
  • Calls fielded by experts, not call centers.
  • 24/7/365 emergency restore support that is responsive, experienced, and professional.
  • Advanced backup and restore capabilities to handle complex issues when they arise.
  • Familiarity and assistance with regulatory compliance.
  • Assigned account managers to assist you

HIPAA Compliance

VaultLogix is proven to help companies in the healthcare/medical industry meet HIPAA compliance regulations. For more information, please click here.

Why VaultLogix?

– Super fast backup and restore – we only backup the changes in your data.

– Great support at no additional charge.

– Help meet HIPAA regulatory requirements.

– Mass Medical Society Member Discounts!

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