Disaster recovery planning is a critical component of business operations, and secure online backup from VaultLogix should be part of your disaster recovery plan. Whether your disaster is fire, earthquake, hurricane, or your computer hard drive crashed, you’ll be able to restore your data if you have backed it up automatically to DataProtection.com’s secure data vaults. Data stored on our remote electronic vaults can be recovered 24x7x365. Our expert technicians are here, standing by to help you restore your data when you need it most.

Because DataProtection.com’s secure remote backup service automatically transmits your data to redundant remote data vaults, restoring your data in a computer disaster recovery is easy. Restoring to the original computer is as simple as choosing the data to restore, then clicking “restore” to initiate the process. If the original computer is no longer available because of a fire or other disaster, then the restore involves securing another computer, connecting to the internet, downloading and re-installing the disaster recovery software, then synchronizing your data to the new computer. After that, it’s just like restoring to the original computer.

Computer disaster recovery doesn’t have to be complex, and when you use VaultLogix as part of your disaster recovery services, it’s simple.

VaultLogix supplies you with the disaster recovery software to backup and restore your data.

We offer a 14 day free trial to qualified businesses that need to ensure their data will never be lost. Call 800-267-1664, or fill in a QuickQuote and an Account Manager will contact you. Please note that we do not provide service to home users. You’ll rest easy knowing the remote backup portion of your disaster recovery plan is taken care of.